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Nikki Finke, the mysterious Hollywood journalist with the bullish attitude and history breaking major scoops, reported, early this morning (via ScreenCrush), that the "Lego Movie" and "21 Jump Street" team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are being wooed by Sony to take over "Ghostbusters 3," which was recently vacated by franchise director Ivan Reitman following the death of Harold Ramis. Everything is awesome?

Miller and Lord are currently wrapping post-production on June's "22 Jump Street," which will reteam the filmmakers with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's undercover cops (who this time infiltrate a drug ring in college), and, if they accept the position, would start on "Ghostbusters 3" immediately. (Sony wants to start filming as early as January 2015.)

On paper, Lord and Miller are the perfect filmmakers to take over the "Ghostbusters." For one, they're pretty much geniuses, able to toggle effortlessly between animated projects and live action films and always blurring the line between the two in the process. They also are incredibly interested in a weird '80s aesthetic that has been a constant throughout their three films (they also directed the wildly successful "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs") and would meld perfectly with the "Ghostbusters" universe. And Sony quite obviously loves them.

The problem, of course, would be that the duo would most likely want to take a crack at the script (the latest version is by Etan Cohen and is supposedly very good) and would want to be heavily involved in the pre-production and design work that would lead up to shooting and, well, that takes time and that January 2015 date seems closer and closer every day. Of course, given how chummy Lord and Miller are with a number of wonderful, up-and-coming comedians, maybe they would be able to quickly assemble their new ghostbusters and get the Ecto-1 purring again in short order.

Lord and Miller are probably the "best case scenario" for "Ghostbusters 3" at this point. So we'll set our plasma packs to "cautiously optimistic."

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