the onion divergent reviewGod bless The Onion, especially their movie reviews.

In the site's review of "Divergent," they approach the movie with a crazy amount of earnestness and a complete lack of "suspension of disbelief" -- the latter of which is, of course, something that is required to actually enjoy a movie. The end result is a hilarious deconstruction of how the movie's stars are hopelessly convinced that "everything happening to them is actually life-threatening."

"I mean, think about it for a second," the reviewer implores. "Kate Winslet is in this movie. That is a major red flag that this is all just make believe. But everyone insists on treating the Academy Award-winning actress like she's really some sort of serious threat. And like she's really the leader of the Erudite faction. I mean, have none of these people seen 'Titanic'?"

Watch the full review below.
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