jurassic park stop-motion test footage
How mind-blowing is it to think that "Jurassic Park" could have been made using stop-motion animation, the same technique used to bring Jack Skellington to life in "Nightmare Before Christmas"? Pretty darn mind-blowing. Now, thanks to crafty Redditer aDinoSupremacist, we can share with you some of that original T-Rex stop-motion test footage -- with a CGI twist!

VFX artist Peter A. Montgomery applied a motion blur to the stop-motion animated carnivorous dino, giving her (they're all hers, right?) an uncanny realism that almost trumps the CGI version that made it into the movie. Here's what went into it, according to Montgomery:

FX added. (1): Motion blur. (2): Impact shudder on limbs and neck. (3): staccato removal.

Footage used : Jurassic park test (1993) Original shot was traditional stop motion with limited go-motion. ( i.e. It looked like stop motion.

Watch Montgomery's impressive footage below. The original is posted at the bottom, with the dino-trot action starting at the 0:52 mark.
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