omar sy jurassic worldThe cast for Universal's upcoming dino-sequel "Jurassic World" is admirably eclectic, with Chris Pratt, Irrfan Khan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jake Johnson, and BD Wong (the series' lone holdover) all ready to battle prehistoric monsters for producer Steven Spielberg and director Colin Trevorrow. But a new name has just been added to the cast that is in keeping with the movie's wonderfully United Colors of Dinotopia feel -- Omar Sy, from the French blockbuster "The Intouchables," announced on Twitter that he is ready to jump into the "Jurassic" fold. Sy's tweet reads: "Fan of this saga from the beginning, I'm very proud to be part of the cast for JURASSIC WORLD." Then Trevorrow tweeted him back something in French, which we didn't understand because we took Spanish in high school. But it's safe to assume that it was pretty adorable. The new movie is being written by Trevorrow and his "Safety Not Guaranteed" writing partner Derek Connolly, and is said to concern a version of the park that is actually up and running which, it's interesting to note, the other three movies have never presented. The first film, after all, took place right before the park opened and the two sequels took place on a different island altogether -- the "farm island" where the dinosaurs were grown before being transported to the main island. It'll be fun to see the park actually functioning like it should... Before things go to hell (because, obviously, things have to go to hell).

Like almost everything else involved with this project, little is known about what role Sy will play. We hope that, like in "The Intouchables," he'll play Earth Wind & Fire to soothe the troublesome dinosaurs. In the sequel, Pratt will play the hero, an ex-military guy named Owen, while Khan will play the new park's owner and, supposedly, D'Onofrio will be the bad guy because... what else is he going to be? A dinosaur?

"Jurassic World" stomps into theaters on June 12, 2015. Sy can next be seen as X-Man Cable in this summer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

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