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Apparently, Hollywood loves to hold a "Grudge."

Deadline reports that the frightening flick -- which launched the low-budget, huge box-office, Japanese-horror trend a decade ago -- is getting a reboot, and it's in some seasoned horror hands. Ghost House Pictures, run by Sam Raimi ("Evil Dead," "Spider-Man"), is launching the new "Grudge" franchise alongside Good Universe.

"The Grudge" is no stranger to revision, since it was a remake of a 2002 Japanese horror film, "Ju-On." The 2004 thriller starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and made $187 million on a $10 million budget, launching two sequels.

Though the 2006 and 2009 follow-ups didn't touch the original's box office, Raimi and co. have had some success with horror relaunches recently, with Raimi giving his blessing to a reboot of his seminal "Evil Dead" franchise last year.

Screenwriter Jeff Buhler (who also scripted the awesomely-named movie "Midnight Meat Train") will write the reboot.

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