thor hammer weightIt turns out that Thor's hammer is deadlier than we thought.

In a new video exploring the science behind the God of Thunder's iconic weapon, Vsauce claims that if it were real, the hammer would weigh more than 10 quadrillion tons and basically destroy all of humanity just by existing. But why?

The site explains that according to Marvel legend, the hammer was forged inside a dying star; however, a common misconception is that it was actually created from a dying star (still with us?), and it's based on that belief that Vsauce made its calculations.

A sugar cube-sized piece of material from a dying neutron star is equal to the entire mass of all of humanity, meaning that the amount of star material needed to make up Thor's hammer would be equal to about 4.6 trillion metric tons. That's roughly "97 million Titanics condensed into the size of an American football," the site says -- a far cry from the 42.3 pounds Marvel says Thor's hammer actually weighs.

And the crazy calculations don't stop there. Vsauce says that since the hammer's mass is so, uh, massive, if Thor dropped it, it would immediately sink all the way through the Earth's crust and into its core; the impact would be equal to that of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Of course, Thor doesn't even need to drop it for it to eliminate everything on Earth: its gravitational pull would suck in anything within a 100-foot radius, with enough force to tear a human into shreds.

So basically, Thor really is superhuman to be able to handle such a weapon of mass destruction, and it's best to leave him alone. We shudder to think what he's going to do with that hellacious hammer in next year's "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

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