hercules 2014 trailer
Yesterday, we were treated to two new photos of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, ridiculously beefy and oiled up and mad, as the title character in Brett Ratner's forthcoming "Hercules." Well, we have now seen him in action, thanks to the just-released first trailer, and it looks like heads are going to roll in this big budget extravaganza, if not literally since, you know, it's PG-13 and all.

The trailer pretty much delivers exactly what you would expect from a movie called "Hercules": lots of swords and sandals and screaming (those are the three S's when it comes to a movie like this). It's pretty telling that this trailer, for a movie that co-stars Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane, and John Hurt, never once reminded us of January's "The Legend of Hercules," that other Hercules movie directed by Renny Harlin. Man was that movie bad.

With a bigger budget, starrier cast, and proven director in Ratner (say what you will about him, but he's pretty dependable when it comes to delivering the goods), this considerably fancier "Hercules" looks like it really could be a blast of summery fun when it comes out July 25.

Until then, continue to practice-shout "I am Hercules!"
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