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"New Girl" co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are bringing their small screen chemistry to the buddy cop genre with "Let's Be Cops," a comedy where the pair pretend to be police officers to score chicks, along with some much-needed self-esteem.

The red-band trailer for the flick begins with longtime friends Ryan (Johnson) and Justin (Wayans) lamenting their lack of success -- Ryan recently appeared in a commercial for herpes medication -- despite hitting the big 3-0.

"We're 30 as sh*t right now," Justin says. "How did we get so far off track?"

The pair decide to attend a costume party to boost their spirits, and that's where the movie's title comes in. They suit up as police officers and hit the bash ("I feel like Danny Glover before he got too old for this sh*t," Justin whines of their get-ups) only to find out it's a masquerade.

Despite their screw-up, people genuinely believe Ryan and Justin are cops, and they decide to run with the idea. Cue the pair using their fake credentials to take hits off some stoners' joint, flirt with multiple women, and score free booze and access to exclusive clubs.

Of course, they're clueless -- terrorizing their fellow restaurant patrons while excitedly clinking their guns together in the air, among other faux pas -- and bound to get caught (after all, as Justin says repeatedly, impersonating officers is illegal). But watching them have so much fun is pretty fun for the audience, too, and we can't wait to see how Ryan and Justin get themselves out of this mess.

"Let's Be Cops" opens August 13.

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