long lost lord of the rings footage
"You shall not pass!"

That thundering line, spoken by Gandalf (Ian McKellen) in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," has become one of cinema's most memorable moments. Gandalf faced down the menacing Balrog to allow Frodo and friends to escape.

It was a moment that was sadly missing from Ralph Bakshi's cult classic animated version of "Lord of the Rings." But now, 35 years later, that lost footage has found its way online, thanks to Bakshi's son.

There are two clips: One shows Gandalf and the Balrog falling into a void, while the other features Gandalf fighting the fearsome creature. In the film, Bakshi ended up using stills to depict the battle.

In an interview with BoingBoing, 75-year-old Bakshi explained why those scenes were cut. "If you're getting close to delivery, it's better to cut the animation out to make the scene work, than racing to reanimate it to make the cut work," he said.

Watch the found footage below!

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