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Two new faces are entering the Marvel Universe!

The Wrap reports that "House of Cards" actor Corey Stoll is set to join Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in the next entry into the Marvel film club, "Ant-Man." They also confirmed news from Variety that "The Hobbit" and "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly is coming on board as well. The two actors will appear alongside Rudd, as the titular character, reformed thief Scott Lang. Douglas plays Hank Pym, a biochemist who first discovers the process of becoming Ant-Man.

Lilly will be the movie's female lead, which fans are speculating could be a version of Janet Van Dyne. In the comics, Janet is Hank's girlfriend and later becomes The Wasp. But director Edgar Wright has said that he plans to make some changes in the movie adaptation, so it's possible she could be Hank's daughter or unrelated to him altogether.

As for Stoll, his role is unclear -- perhaps he'll be one of the villains?

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