the kardashians reality tv universeThe Kardashians are everywhere. On TV. In tabloid magazines. On the cover of Vogue.

They're so pervasive, in fact, that a case can be made that they are the center of the reality TV universe. Vulture created this terrifying chart depicting how the Kardashians are linked to dozens of reality shows and stars.

Take Kim Kardashian (aka Mrs. Kanye West). She's linked to "Dancing With the Stars" (competed on season 7) and Paris Hilton (appeared on "The Simple Life"). Khloe Kardashian was on "America's Got Talent," which connects her to David Hasselhoff and Heidi Klum. She was also on "The X Factor," so she's linked to Simon Cowell and Mario Lopez.

And their world domination isn't stopping anytime soon. Their web of power is growing; E! just announced that they're airing "Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons."

Pray for us all. Or, we, for one, welcome our new Kardashian overlords.

Photo by ‚ÄčOmar Vega/Invision/AP
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