kevin spacey winston churchillKevin Spacey has played fictional politician Frank Underwood on Netflix series "House of Cards" for two seasons, but now he's set to portray a real world leader.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Spacey will play former British prime minister Winston Churchill in a new biopic called "Captain of the Gate." The film will focus on Churchill's rise to power during World War II, and according to THR, chronicle his stand "against Parliament to defend Britain and the world from Adolf Hitler's Third Reich."

Churchill served as Britain's prime minister from 1940-1945, and again from 1951-1955. The influential world leader has frequently been the subject of movie and TV projects, including two HBO films: 2002's "The Gathering Storm," starring Albert Finney, and 2009's "Into the Storm," starring Brendan Gleeson.

"Captain of the Gate" was written by Ben Kaplan, whose previous credits include a Ronald Reagen film for the History Channel. The project is still seeking a director.

Photo by Best Buddies via Getty Images
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