Madonna doesn't care what us mere mortals think, and who could blame her? Forget Queen Esther; Madonna was Queen of Dragons for Purim! You can't shush her during a movie! So why would terrible reviews stop her from directing another movie? They won't!

The book that's luring Madonna back to the director's chair is a politically charged love story by Rebecca Walker, "Adé: A Love Story." Walker, who is the daughter of Alice Walker and Mel Leventhal, has previously written non-fiction about feminism, sexuality, being multiracial and Jewish, and her painful, contentious relationship with her Pulitzer Prize-winning mother. "Adé" is a semi-autobiographical novella about a bisexual woman who, while traveling abroad with a friend, falls in love with a Swahili Muslim man named Adé. Their love affair, which takes place on an island off the coast of Kenya, is interrupted by political upheaval and much more.

Madonna co-wrote and directed the films "Filth and Wisdom" and "W.E.," both of which were rather poorly received. The former starred Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hütz and his fabulous mustache as a musician who makes ends meet by dominating male clients. Her second feature, "W.E," was a glossy period piece starring Andrea Riseborough as Wallis Simpson and James D'Arcy as King Edward VIII, as well as Abbie Cornish and then-unknown Oscar Isaac as modern-day star-crossed lovers.

Right now, Madonna and producers Bruce Cohen ("Silver Linings Playbook") and Jessica Leventhal are desperately seeking a screenwriter.

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