barbershop 3
It's been 10 years, ten long years, since the last entry in the "Barbershop" franchise. Sometimes I'll wake up late at night wondering what kind of new hair style Ice Cube could be perfecting, and what kind of banter the guys at the shop are carrying on about. Thankfully, all of my hypothesizing will come to an end because MGM has just closed a "mid-seven-figure deal" (according to Deadline) with one-man wrecking crew Ice Cube and part of that deal calls for the long, long, long awaited "Barbershop 3."

There are no plot details or any sort of casting specifics yet, although the intent is to bring back Queen Latifah (who carried over her character to the "Barbershop" spin-off film "Beauty Shop") and Cedric the Entertainer. Is it too early to start a petition to have Kevin Hart appear in the three-quel? No? Good!

Cube has been having a great 2014 -- his action comedy "Ride Along" (with Hart) turned out to be a surprise hit, with a sequel already being worked on (filming starts in June) and Cube will appear in this summer's surefire smash "22 Jump Street" alongside Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, where he'll reprising his role from the original film. As Deadline also notes, Cube is producing "Straight Outta Compton," the NWA biopic directed by F. Gary Gray that charts the rise of the gangster hip hop group that gave rise to Cube, Easy E and Dr. Dre.

MGM is all about franchises these days, with them re-launching "Poltergeist," producing a sort-of sequel to "Hot Tub Time Machine," and finding "franchise potential" in the forthcoming Rock-led "Hercules."
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