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From the moment Rowlf the Dog pounds his paws on the piano, original fans of "The Muppet Show" get filled with excitement. For kids of who grew up in the late 1970s and 1980s, the raucous hilarity of the show was a moment to pause once a week and laugh with parents -- a cultural moment you all had to enjoy together to be in on the joke.

Before kids shows turned over completely to educational and morality tales, the Muppets effortlessly entertained, connecting kids to big world ideas without banging them over our heads. "The Muppet Show" was art, rooted in the early days of entertainment when performers were required to know how to sing, dance, act and make people laugh all at once.

When Jason Segal rebooted the Muppets in 2011, a new generations of fans was born. With "Muppets Most Wanted" in theatres now, there's no better time to share some of your favourite clips from the original show.

Here's our pick for 10 great moments the kids must see. Tell us, what are your favorites?

It's Time To Play the Music! Is there a better introduction to a show than this one? The dance number and set design are an homage to entertainment styles long gone.

When Green Is All There Is To Be. Kermit the Frog's soulful take on being himself.

Miss Piggy's Snackcercise. Jane Fonda is credited with launching the celebrity exercise video frenzy so it's no surprise Miss Piggy would want in on the action. Lift the dish/Grab the spoon/Take a bite/ and chew chew chew swallow. Done only the way Miss Piggy can.

Pigs in Space Featuring Mark Hamill. Miss Piggy puts Luke in his place.

The Wedding Sketch: DO IT! Seriously, Kermit, just bite the bullet already. Miss Piggy gets to live the fantasy version of her dream wedding with Kermit and little girls everywhere rejoice.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Another shining moment for the show introducing kids to a classic Beatles song. Fans of the clip call it the best version ever.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. The Beatles, again, as only the Muppets can do it.

Elton John Performs 'Crocodile Rock.' Watching this makes you realize Elton John embodies the Muppet spirit.

Johnny Cash. The late Johnny Cash was a fairly regular presence on network TV back in the early 1980s and his appearance on "The Muppet Show" brought his brooding country singer style to a new generation that would embrace him again more than two decades later.

Peter Sellers. Watching Peter Sellers perform is a gift. Period.
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