louie season 4 teaser trailer
They don't call it a "teaser" for nothing, and that's exactly what the new promo for season four of "Louie" is: a big tease.

The 18-second clip offers pretty much zero information about what fans of Louis C.K.'s FX comedy can expect from its long-awaited return in May. In fact, we don't even hear from, or really even see, the titular character; all we get is his back to the camera as he stands on a ferry in front of the Statue of Liberty. A bemused-sounding narrator notes, "'Louie''s back."

It's not much to go on, but it's exciting all the same. C.K.'s show has been sorely missed since its third season ended way back in September 2012, and FX must know that the network doesn't have to reveal anything about what the latest season entails to get fans worked up over new episodes.

"Louie" and his back return on May 5.

Louie TV Show Poster
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