the drop trailer
Remember those photos from last year of Tom Hardy snuggling an adorable pit bull puppy on the set of an upcoming movie? Now you can check out the fruits of his fuzzy labor in this trailer for "The Drop," which was previously known as "Animal Rescue."

Hardy co-stars with the late James Gandolfini as Bob and Marv, two Brooklyn guys on the periphery of the underworld. Bob's trying to keep his nose clean, what with the aforementioned puppy and a girlfriend (Noomi Rapace) and a regular gig as a bartender, but he happens to be working at a bar that's used as a money drop for local criminals. He and his cousin Marv get in the middle of a big old mess when their bar is held up and some local guys (led by Matthias Schoenaerts) make off with all the cash.

It won't be easy to watch Gandolfini in his last role -- he'd finished "Enough Said" before his death in June 2013 -- but this looks like a very promising drama. Director Michael Roskam wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated film "Bullhead," starring Schoenaerts as a cattle farmer dabbling in illegal steroids. Both the film and Schoenaerts, who also appeared in "Rust and Bone," are marvelous. Plus, the script is by Dennis Lehane, author of the novels "Mystic River," "Gone Baby Gone," and "Shutter Island." "The Drop" is based on Lehane's short story "Animal Rescue." Of course, Rapace will always be the No. 1 Lisbeth, and it's exciting to see her take on another dramatic role. Let's hope she's given more to do than just be the girlfriend, though.

"The Drop" hits theaters on September 19. Watch the trailer below or on iTunes.