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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is bound and determined to bring "Top Gun 2" to life, and he won't rest until we're all back in the danger zone with Tom Cruise. Bruckheimer was on HuffPost Live to discuss his bio, "Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes, Four Decades of Filmmaking," and naturally the conversation turned to his nearly 30-year war of attrition to make a sequel about hot-to-trot Navy pilots.

Of course, technology -- and the way we wage war -- has changed a whole lot since Iceman and Goose and Maverick were flashing their toothy smiles, so the real question was how to update it for the 21st century.

"Don [Simpson] and I tried to develop something, we didn't succeed. [Tom] Cruise took over, and he tried to develop something, and he didn't succeed. Now we're back at it. Tony Scott finally found a way in to do this, and we were on the road to make the picture. Unfortunately, he passed away," Bruckheimer said. ("Top Gun" director Scott died in 2012.)

"The concept is, basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones? Cruise is going to show them that they're not obsolete. The pilots are here to stay. So that's the concept of it. It's just getting to the starting place. Unfortunately -- or fortunately for Tom -- he's very busy, so you have to find a slot he can fit into and get a budget that Paramount feels they can make the picture," he added.

Although Cruise seems reluctant to give up the role of action hero, doing a "Top Gun" sequel as an older and wiser dude guiding a new generation would be a cool way to approach things. Of course, wanting to make a sequel is very different from actually setting it in motion.

We checked the date on this and everything, so it seems like this is not actually a prank.

Cruise's next film, "Edge of Tomorrow," is headed to theaters June 6.

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