Though it recently celebrated its 10th year on Broadway, the "Wizard of Oz" prequel musical "Wicked" has yet to see a big screen adaptation. That could change soon, though, if original composer Stephen Schwartz has anything to say about it.

In an interview with Vulture, Schwartz admitted that there were still no concrete plans in place to produce a "Wicked" movie, though that doesn't mean he's given up hope for the project. In fact, the composer says that after a handful of false starts that date back several years, it seems there's finally some good news on the film front.

"We're starting to do some work on it," Schwartz said of the adaptation. "We've actually started gearing up on it a little bit."

While there's no timeline yet -- "I don't know exactly how many years away it is," Schwartz said -- the composer told Vulture that he and his creative team were already thinking about some of the big picture questions behind adapting the stage show into film.

"What are we going to change?" Schwartz said. "What are we going to keep? How do you use a whole new language and medium to tell the story? [We can] really look at it again and say, 'Oh, we can do this, and we've always wanted to do that and we couldn't onstage, but we can in a movie.' We're actually having a blast."

We can't wait to hear more. Fingers crossed a "Wicked" flick defies gravity naysayers and comes to fruition.

Photo by AP Photo/Brinkoff-Mogenburg
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