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Writer/director Luc Besson has created a number of unforgettably bad-ass leading ladies in movies like "La Femme Nikita" and "The Fifth Element," but it seems he's been spending the last few years more on forgettable films like "From Paris with Love" and "The Family" than not. This trailer for "Lucy," which stars Scarlett Johansson as a drug mule who acquires incredible powers after the bag of drugs begins to leak into her system, gives us hope he's returning to form.

As the eponymous Lucy, ScarJo goes from a normal gal out on the town in Taipei to someone with extraordinary mental and physical capabilities. She reaches out to a professor who specializes in the human brain to talk shop with him, because her abilities are growing and growing. Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) has done all sorts of research on brains and how we access the information we store up in our domes, and it just so happens that Lucy's access is growing and growing. What happens if and when she accesses all of the information in her brain? So far, she can learn to write Chinese in an hour, control space and time, and even physically transform. "With all this knowledge, you can unlock secrets that go beyond this universe," Freeman intones in his best God voice. "I'm not even sure that mankind is ready for this."

This seems to be the year that Scarlett Johansson takes her onscreen transformations to a new level. Sure, she rocks as Black Widow, but between her incredibly eerie turn in "Under the Skin" and this first look at Luc Besson's "Lucy," we're getting a taste of what Johansson can really do.

"Lucy" storms into theaters on August 8. You can catch Johansson in "Captain America: Winter Soldier" and "Under the Skin" in theaters, starting this weekend. That would make quite a double feature.
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