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Get ready to "Scream" at your television soon -- MTV is finally casting the drama pilot based on the popular movie franchise.

As TV Line reports, the network is looking for actors to play the four main characters. The pilot begins with a YouTube video going viral, which is bad news for a teen girl named Audrey and serves as a "catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to [her] town's troubled past."

The four main characters are: beautiful, popular 16-year-old girl Harper; her former best friend, Audrey, a bi-curious "artsy loner"; her friend Noah, a brilliant computer geek who could be the next Steve Jobs; and Harper's mom, Maggie, the town's medical examiner who's hiding a "dark secret from her past."

It's unclear if the TV series will tie in to the four "Scream" movies in any way, and neither Wes Craven nor Kevin Williamson (who created the horror franchise) seem to be involved.

But if the "Scream" show resembles the movies at all, the characters should beware random phone calls! Or would it be texts now?
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