Sharknado 2 the second oneLast summer, people were all a-Twitter about "Sharknado," an admittedly terrible SyFy TV movie about, well, a tornado full of sharks. The social media feedback was so loud and buzzy that SyFy rewarded the world with an encore - and now a sequel. Thaaaaanks, everyone. Good show.

In some synergistic marketing plan from hell, NBC's "Today" show co-anchors Al Roker and Matt Lauer have revealed they filmed cameos for the sequel. ("Today" is on NBC, and SyFy is part of NBCUniversal. "Today" also targets that morning talk show audience sweet spot that "Sharknado" is obviously aiming for.)

"We shot our cameos Tuesday, right here in Studio 1A," Lauer announced, before cutting to a teaser for "Sharknado 2." "This is a twister.... With teeth!" Roker announces, before the two anchors share a serious look about the possible fate of a city under attack by airborne sharks. Hasn't New York City been through enough? It's bad enough that winter won't end and we're constantly being pranked by evil babies and telekinetic caffeine fiends, but sharks? This really is the last straw.

"Sharknado" stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering return to the scene of the crime, and they're joined by Vivica A. Fox, Andy Dick, and Judah Friedlander. Other cameos will include Perez Hilton, Kelly Oxford, and Biz Markie, who still wants to know if that shark is "just a friend." "Sharknado" is getting the RiffTrax Live treatment this summer, thanks to the guys behind "MSTK3000."

"Sharknado 2" will air on July 30. Set your DVRs now.... or not.

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