walking dead season 5 poster
Season four may have just ended on Sunday, but fans of "The Walking Dead" are already looking ahead to the series's fifth season, which is set to debut this fall. A new poster promoting season five offers viewers a taste of what they can expect going forward.

The stark image is simple but powerful, featuring ringleader Rick (Andrew Lincoln) crouched down and holding his gun, lit only by a dim beam of light filtered through a stained glass window. A one-word message is scrawled on the wall above him: Survive.

And it seems that that word will become Rick's group's motto for the next set of episodes, since they've once again found themselves facing a menacing enemy and struggling to figure out their next move (zombie apocalypses are tricky like that) thanks to the (suspected) cannibals who've imprisoned them at Terminus. Judging by Rick's body language in this promo poster, there's going to be a lot of anguish involved in his and his people's survival, if most of them even survive at all.

We'll be tuning in either way. The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" will hit AMC sometime in October.
walking dead season 5 poster
The Walking Dead TV Show Poster
The Walking Dead
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