game of thrones mad men character swapTwo of television's most acclaimed series are both returning in April -- "Game of Thrones" season 4 debuts April 6 and "Mad Men" premieres a week later.

That got the guys over at thinking: What if the two shows swapped characters? The results of their Photoshopping are fantastic.

Jon Snow looks like he was born in a three-piece suit and tie, while Hodor seems like he could charm an account from any executive (his pitch: "Hodor!"). And Daenerys Targaryen's icy side eye could stop any gossiping housewife in her tracks.

Meanwhile, Don Draper looks like he could slay soldiers as ably as he comes up with advertising ideas, and Joan has her dragon in line (just like she does with her men). But the best swap is Pete Campbell as King Joffrey -- both are weasels who deserve any slaps that come their way!

After you're done gazing into Tyrion's dreamy eyes, check out the rest of the photos we mentioned at
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