jeff bridges lebowski festGood news, "Big Lebowski" fans: The Dude still abides, and he's bringing his show on the road.

Lebowski Fest, the traveling festival that celebrates all things "Big Lebowski," announced that the film's titular star, Jeff Bridges, will perform before a screening of the movie alongside his band -- named, fittingly, The Abiders. The show will take place on April 25 in Los Angeles.

"Come and raise a White Russian to El Duderino," the announcement read. "He's the man for his time and place, he fits right in there."

Bridges has appeared at the festival numerous times over the years; it was founded in 2002, and includes a permanent annual event in Louisville, Kentucky. Other stars from the film have also popped up at various iterations of the festival, including John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, and Julianne Moore.

The two-day event includes a Movie Party, where Bridges's band will perform before a "Lebowski" screening, and a Bowling Party, which includes a bowling tournament, trivia and costume contests, and more White Russians than can be counted.

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