kristen bell do you want to build a snowman
There's no denying that Kristen Bell is awesome, as her recent turn in "Frozen" and her reprisal of her titular role in "Veronica Mars" have proven. But the multi-talented actress took her abilities one step further during a recent live performance of the music from "Frozen," where she revealed that she truly can play any part.

Bell, who provided both the speaking and singing voices of Princess Anna in the newly-christened biggest animated movie of all time, performed "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" at a February concert celebrating the film's music (the footage of which has been slowly popping up online recently), and took on Anna at all three ages that the song spans. The tune, which is sung by Anna as a young girl, a preteen, and a young woman, is both lighthearted and poignant, and Bell hit each emotion perfectly, as she also deftly imitated the high-pitched, childlike elements of the voices of the two actresses who sang the song in the film (Agatha Lee Monn and Katie Lopez).

It's super fun and also a bit heart-wrenching (those who have seen the film will know why). Mostly, though, it's just plain impressive -- Bell even nails the art of singing through the keyhole.

Check out the clip and just try not to smile (or have the song stuck in your head all day).

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