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One of our most hotly anticipated movies this summer is Warner Bros. and Legendary's new "Godzilla." After getting a taste for the mythical beast at this year's South by Southwest, we've got a hunger... and the only thing that can satiate it is more "Godzilla." Thankfully, a new TV spot has landed with a better look at the beast (along with the movie's overall tone). This is gonna be good.

The spot starts out with David Strathairn as Admiral Stenz, addressing a mass of young soldiers (among them: our hero, Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Lieutenant Brody). "I realize not all of you have had hands on experience..." He begins to gravely narrates, interspersed with shots of massive, worldwide destruction (that's one big foot). "I know many of you have family and loved ones still in the city," he continues, which actually suggests something about the plot: that San Francisco is potentially cut off from the rest of the country by Godzilla (and other warring beasts), which explains why the military has to parachute in (as seen in that initial trailer). You also get a couple of fairly clear glimpses of the monster, which is always good.

The lingering question, at least in our mind, is how Godzilla (the monster) will be treated in the context of the movie -- is he going to be the big bad that everyone is trying to kill? A misunderstood monster? Is he a straight-up good guy (considering that we know that there are other, nastier monsters in the movie too)? What's the deal here?

All of our questions (or at least some of them) will be answered closer to the movie's May 16 release date. Until then, we will speculate idly and watch this TV spot about a million times.
Here are some other new-ish, badass "Godzilla" TV spots, for your viewing pleasure.
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