teenage mutant ninja turtles leonardo splinterMichael Bay's upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" reboot hasn't exactly gotten a warm reception so far, first with news that Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman were changing the Turtles' backstory too much, and now with tepid response to the film's first trailer. Could some new casting cheer up fans?

That depends on how they feel about Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shalhoub: The pair will voice the characters of Leonardo and Splinter, respectively. Those with long memories will also remember that actors Pete Ploszek and Danny Woodburn were already cast in those roles, and played the parts throughout filming.

But according to Deadline, which first reported the news, Ploszek and Woodburn "were only guaranteed to physically perform the roles in costume," and studio Paramount was "always open to changing the voicing component" of the film. So whether Knoxville and Shalhoub (or someone else) taking over was the plan all along, or a move made in response to the reboot's rough reception, is unclear (though it probably has more to do with the latter).

Either way, the film is still on track for its August 8 release date. We'll see if any other Turtles get replaced before then.

[h/t HitFix]

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