interstellar christopher nolan hans zimmerChristopher Nolan is notorious for his secrecy about his film projects, and that goes double for his upcoming movie, "Interstellar." But you'd think Nolan would relent a bit when it comes to his collaborators, and at least let, say, the composer of the film's score know a little bit about the plot, right?

According to Hans Zimmer, who wrote the "Interstellar" score, the answer is no. In an interview with British GQ, Zimmer revealed that Nolan wouldn't let him see the script before he began working on the movie's music. In fact, Nolan told him almost nothing at all about the sci-fi flick.

"All I will say is this: before I began, last January, Chris said to me, 'Hans, I will write one page of text for you. And you will give me just one day. Just write whatever comes to you from this one single page,'" Zimmer said.

Of course, in typical Nolan fashion, there was a twist.

"It (the page) wasn't about the film," Zimmer told GQ. " ... In a peculiar way, what Chris wrote down that day, and what he wanted from me, had more to do with my story than the plot of the movie. He knows how to get under my skin. That's the game we play."

Zimmer, who's previously collaborated with Nolan on the scores for the Dark Knight trilogy and "Inception," is no doubt used to the director's quirks by now. Still, if audiences who sit down to watch "Interstellar" are super confused by a discordant score, there's a good explanation.

"Interstellar," which stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood, hits theaters November 7.

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