venus in fur trailer
Roman Polanski must really love Broadway; the director is once again adapting a Tony-winning play to follow up 2011's "Carnage."

This time, he takes on "Venus in Fur" from writer David Ives. A new U.S. trailer lays out the story -- the movie is in French, with English subtitles -- of a director (Mathieu Amalaric) who's casting a female role in his play. An actress (Emmanuelle Seigner) comes to read for him at the last minute, and though at first she seems totally wrong for the part, she slowly seduces him into casting her.

"You are a goddess," the director says, noting that Venus only ruled over slaves.

"So I should find myself one?" the actress purrs. And where the director once had all the power, it becomes clear that the balance is shifting to her.

"Venus in Fur" opens June 20, possibly as an antidote to summer blockbusters.