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Today in bizarre-yet-awesome news, a Redditor has found what appears to be evidence that George Michael Bluth and Maeby Funke had a love child -- and she's not too bad looking.

The "Arrested Development" characters -- played by Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat -- were cousins, and only kissed a couple times (it wasn't as creepy as it sounds, honest!), though they did end up getting married in one season three episode (unbeknownst to them; still not that creepy, we swear!). Now, Redditor your_doppelganger has unearthed a portrait by Spanish artist Ignacio Zuloaga that bears a striking resemblance to both Cera and Shawkat.

The painting, of a woman known as Doña Carmen Arconada, was completed in 1940, well before "Arrested Development"'s 2003 debut, so obviously Zuloaga wasn't inspired by Maeby and George Michael's showmance. But it's still pretty amazing just how seamlessly the portrait's subject is a blend of the two actors' features -- and honestly, a little unsettling, too.

Just gaze into Doña Carmen Arconada's eyes and think of all the fun, sexy times she's had. Fingers crossed she somehow makes her way into the next "Arrested Development" season -- maybe on a poster for a new sequel to "Les Cousins Dangereux"?

[via: Reddit, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]
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