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For the last couple of weeks, we were pretty much convinced that our excitement for the new "Godzilla" movie couldn't get any frothier.

After all, we had been privy to some brand new footage at SXSW, been treated with some truly startling trailers and TV spots, and, more than once, thought about buying the giant Godzilla toy they're selling at Toys R Us. And then, over the weekend, an "extended look" trailer drops that, while still not delivering the whole enchilada when it comes to our favorite Tokyo-destroying monster, upped our anticipatory glee levels several notches. Get ready to have your jaw drop.

The first part of the two-minute-plus trailer delves into the back-story of some of our characters. In the previous trailers, we've heard Bryan Cranston yell about how the disasters weren't a "natural disaster," but we never knew why we're so sure. Now we do. In what appears to be some kind of flashback, we see Cranston's wife, played by Juliette Binoche, who is investigating the safety of a nuclear facility when something horrible goes wrong. Cranston has to shut the door dividing his team from the stream of radioactive gas racing his way, effectively sealing his wife's fate. It's pretty emotional especially for a movie about giant monsters. (We also see Aaron Taylor-Johnson, as his son, listening to him recount the tale.)

From there we get glimpses of large-scale destruction: teases of the breach scene and airport sequences we were shown at SXSW, a giant trail of damage, planes falling out of the sky, the Golden Gate Bridge looking very distressed, other monsters... "You have no idea what's coming," Cranston yells. Except now we sort of do, especially with a much lengthier glimpse of the titular monster towards the trailer's end. Man that design is so, so good.

"Godzilla" is out May 16, which can't come quickly enough. Roar!
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