how i met your mother finale alternate ending dvdFans who wanted a different ending to the "How I Met Your Mother" series finale are getting their wish -- on DVD, anyway.

After a large faction of fans were enraged by the last episode of season 9 -- and the last scene in particular -- rumors swirled online that a different ending was waiting for viewers on DVD. As first reported by Deadline last week, that ending was set to be a "happy" one, though it was unclear just what it would entail.

Series co-creator Carter Bays confirmed Deadline's report of the alternate ending on Twitter Friday, though he declined to reveal any specifics. Bays did say, however, that the different version was not new material from another script or shoot, but rather existing footage from what was filmed before the finale was edited and aired. A fan-made video of an alternate HIMYM ending made the rounds last week, concluding right after the moment Ted finally wrapped up the story of how he met the mother. It was eventually taken down thanks to a copyright infringement claim, though many fans (including this one) thought it was a better conclusion than the mother's off-screen death and Ted racing to reunite with Robin.

We're not sure if Bays and fellow co-creator Craig Thomas are going to take their editing cues from a random YouTube video, but judging by the overwhelmingly positive response it enjoyed (and the overwhelmingly negative response their original ending elicited from some -- though not all -- viewers), we can't help but think that may be a good idea.

The alternate ending will be featured on the complete series boxed set as well as the season 9 DVD. Both are due out later this year.

[via Carter Bays, h/t HitFix]
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