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There were a few years there when Brad Pitt's pretty face caused many of us to overlook the actor's considerable talent. Pitt's performance in Terry Gilliam's "12 Monkeys," coming hot on the heels of his wrenching turn in "Se7en," helped us forget all about his sheaths of wheat-colored hair.

The fabulous time-traveling trip is coming to SyFy, and Pitt and "12 Monkeys" co-star Bruce Willis are producers. Of course, that could mean anything, from them simply loaning their names to the credits to actually making sure that SyFy doesn't mess around with the sci-fi fave.

"12 Monkeys" will star Aaron Stanford as a character that sounds similar, if not the same as, Willis's character. As James Cole, Willis went back in time to investigate the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, a radical organization devoted to animal rights and other causes; they also have their paws on a virus that, in the future, will kill scads of humans and force the rest to live underground. It's a fantastic tale with roots in Chris Marker's 1962 short film "La Jetée," both of which you should check out before tuning in to SyFy for its new show.

"12 Monkeys" is coming to your TV or favorite streaming device in January. SyFy's already ordered 12 episodes, which seems rather appropriate.

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