The Other Woman - Clip No. 2
Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, right? Especially when they're the ladies your man is cheating on you with!

In "The Other Woman," Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka the Kingslayer on "Game of Thrones") is cheating on his wife Kate (Leslie Mann) with Carly (Cameron Diaz). Obviously, it's a pretty rude awakening for them both, but imagine their horror when they discover there's a third woman -- and she's an ultra babe?

In this exclusive clip from "The Other Woman," Carly and Kate discuss their discovery of Amber, played by Kate Upton. "I think it's good that she's super hot, because I feel like it brings up our group average," says Kate.

There aren't any pillow fights -- that we know of -- but there's some bumping and grinding, romping, and bonding over the ingestion of illicit substances. "If we find any more mistresses, I'm going to have to send [Kate] to rehab," Carly comments.

Meanwhile, Diaz has been promoting "The Other Woman" and her new book about health like a pro. She was recently on the Graham Norton show alongside Kylie Minogue, Russell Crowe, and writer/director Richard Ayoade. When the conversation turned to her thoughts on pubic hair, she used Ayoade's hair as an example of a healthy... it was pretty awkward!

"The Other Woman" opens April 25, 2014.
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