wish i was here trailerZach Braff's follow-up to "Garden State" has had a bit of a rough go.

Braff had a Kickstarter to partially fund "Wish I Was Here," which drew a lot of criticism in the media because, well, when you've made piles of dough doing "Scrubs" for almost a decade, maybe you can pay for your own film. Then the project received "gap financing" from Worldview Entertainment during Cannes. Then there was some angry muttering at Sundance by people who had donated to the Kickstarter but couldn't or didn't know how to get tickets. Folks who gave $750 or more got tickets to premieres in NYC or LA. Sundance tickets weren't necessarily part of the KS deal, although some backers did receive tickets. Also, that's kind of the deal with Kickstarter; more's the pity for you if you back a project that later earns lots of money or, say, is bought by Facebook.

Anyway! After all that, it was bought by Focus Features and will be released on July 25, 2014. Here's the first trailer. It features The Shins, who probably have named all their first-born children Zachary, plus Mandy Patinkin, Kate Hudson, Josh Gad, and Ashley Greene.

"Wish I Was Here" will probably give you lots of feelings against your will.
[Via Slashfilm]
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