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Apparently Cameron Diaz is as persuasive as she is beautiful and hilarious, because she just talked the notoriously persnickety MPAA into reversing the harsh R-rating that they bestowed her new comedy "The Other Woman," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Diaz appeared alongside 20th Century Fox president of production Emma Watts to fight for a more lenient PG-13 rating for the romantic comedy, in which she stars alongside Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, getting revenge on the man that did them all wrong. The meeting was held on Tuesday, with the Classification and Ratings Appeal Board overturning the ruling almost immediately after.

Originally, the film was rated R for "some sexual references," and, sadly, not for full-on Kate Upton nudity. Now, teens everywhere can go see the film and imagine the day when they will align themselves with similarly scored women to get back at the men who did them wrong. It's good to dream.

"The Other Woman" opens on April 25th.

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The Other Woman
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