emma stone spice girls
Emma Stone is one lucky lady: She's a famous actress, she has an adorable boyfriend ("Amazing Spider-Man" co-star Andrew Garfield), and she's now received personal messages from two members of her favorite band, the Spice Girls.

Just a few weeks after getting a similarly memorable video from Scary Spice Mel B. (Melanie Brown), Stone can add Mel C. (Melanie Chisholm, a.k.a. Sporty Spice) to her list of admirers, as the singer surprised Stone during an interview with a U.K. radio show while the actress was promoting "Amazing Spider-Man 2." Stone, Garfield, and the hosts were discussing Stone's love for the Spice Girls and all performed a rendition of the band's song "Stop," before the hosts surprised Stone with a live video chat session with Chisholm.

Stone wasn't quite reduced to tears like she was while watching Brown's video message, but she still freaked out when she came face to (virtual) face with Chisholm, her eyes widening in shock when she realized Sporty Spice was talking to her live. Chisholm apologized to Stone for "the Spice Girls hijacking all of your promos," but the actress didn't mind at all.

"I'm so happy about it, you have no idea," Stone gushed.

Chisholm also revealed that Stone's favorite Spice Girl, Baby (Emma Bunton), knew of Stone's love for the singer, and told Chisholm to relay the message that Stone was welcome to stop by any time and try on Baby's signature babydoll dresses.

Here's hoping Bunton makes good on that offer and we get another video of Stone interacting with her idols; the actress's fangirl freakouts are both hilarious and endearing (and make those of us who also grew up listening to the Spice Girls more than a bit jealous).
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