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"Game of Thrones" character Daenerys Targaryen may have earned the title Khaleesi for marrying into Dothraki royalty, but apparently all an American baby needs to do to get the name is have fantasy nerds for parents.

According to new data from the Social Security Administration, a slew of newborn babies have been given monikers inspired by HBO series "Game of Thrones," and one of the most popular by far is Khaleesi. In 2012, the year the show premiered on HBO, 146 female newborns were christened with that name.

While not nearly as popular, the Khaleesi's birth name also got some love, with 21 baby girls named Daenerys in 2012. Another notable moniker from the show -- adapted from the "Song of Ice and Fire" series by author George R.R. Martin -- that has seen a significant upswing since 2012 is Arya, with 754 babies registered with that name that year.

Though naming kids after pop culture icons is nothing new -- the names Isabella/Bella and Edward skyrocketed in popularity after "Twilight" premiered -- "Game of Thrones" characters tend to have more unique monikers, making their selection for non-fictional children all the more notable. We just hope that not too many people take inspiration from King Joffrey; no innocent babies deserve to be saddled with that jerk's name.

[via Social Security Administration, h/t Entertainment Weekly]

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