22 jump street red band trailer
When "21 Jump Street" came out in 2012 it was like a bolt from the blue. No one was expecting that a comedic retelling of a slightly creaky detective series from the eighties would end up becoming something of a new comedy classic. But between the winning central performances by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the zippy direction from former animators Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and wonderful callbacks to the original series, it was an absolute delight.

Thankfully, "22 Jump Street" is looking like it will be just as laugh-out-loud funny. Or LOL, if you'd like. This new red band trailer, full of naughty words and sexual references, is the funniest and most complete look at the movie that we've been given yet. And it looks unbelievably hilarious.

Given the red band nature of the trailer, it's hard to properly recap on this family friendly website, but what makes everything even funnier is the fact that the movie seems to be following the plot of the first movie almost to the letter... But everyone inside the movie knows it and openly mocks it. (This reiterates something Hill told us this past winter.) "It's the same case!" Ice Cube yells at Tatum and Hill. Also, the scene where they dress up like cholos makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Just watch it. It'll probably be the first of nine times that you watch it. "22 Jump Street" opens June 13.
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