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After "The Conjuring" and "The Purge" both made a (haunted) boatload of dough last summer, it seems like the studios are getting more proactive when it comes to releasing scary movies in the summer months. It's not just for Halloween anymore kids! One of this year's more promising summertime genre exercises seems to be "Deliver Us From Evil," the new film from "Sinister" director Scott Derrickson, that is based on the supposedly true story of a New York City policeman battling very literal demons.

The newly released international trailer promises a whole lot of heebie jeebies. Even if it comes out in the summer, it's going to give you the chills.

The trailer gives you a good idea of what the plot for "Deliver Us From Evil" is all about, considering the domestic trailer was much too concerned with copying the "clap" trailer for "The Conjuring" to get any information across. We get to see Eric Bana as Ralph Sarchie, an NYPD street cop who becomes convinced, in part due to the proclamations of a "renegade" priest (Edgar Ramirez), that he is fighting the devil on the mean streets of Manhattan. As if there wasn't enough to drive you nuts in New York, now the devil's got to come into it?

The international trailer offers a lot of spooky, ghostly imagery, a hint of a plot that involves Bana's character discovering that he has supernatural powers (or something) and a bunch of actors doing their best NEW YAWK accent. Count us in.

"Devil Us From Evil" opens on July 2, 2014 -- this year the Fourth of July will be red, white, and blue -- with an emphasis on red.

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Deliver Us From Evil
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