gone girl trailer
The highly anticipated trailer for David Fincher's adaptation of "Gone Girl" has finally dropped, and it's full of enough mystery, intrigue, and ironic musical cues to get you revved up for a good ol' fashioned whodunnit -- with a twist, of course. (It's 2014, after all.)

In the trailer, Ben Affleck's Nick Dunne looks adoringly at wife Amy (Rosamund Pike), who looks adoringly back at him. Then the adoration stops, and we see glimpses of contempt, concern, suspicion, and all-out hatred -- all punctuated to the tune of Elvis Costello's "She." Clearly, this is not a happy marriage. But you already knew that because you read Gillian Flynn's best-selling book, right? Right?

"Gone Girl" hits theaters October 3.

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Gone Girl
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