Biggest Box Office Bombs
As you sweat through filing your taxes, remember that Hollywood does the same thing, only on a much, much bigger scale.

Obscene amounts of money are spent making and promoting movies every day and, as you well know, some of those movies don't make that money back. When faced with a flop of epic proportions, like "John Carter" or "47 Ronin," Hollywood writes it off as a big, public loss. Thanks to "Hollywood accounting," the exact amount of money lost on these movies will never be fully known. In putting this list together, we came across wildly varying reports about how big these staggering losses really were, but any way you cut it, these movies tanked and tanked big.

Does that mean Hollywood will stop spending hundreds of millions making movies? Not if there's a chance for billions to be made.

Here's our list of some of the biggest tax write-offs ever. (Some adjusted for inflation.)

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