star trek musicWhat with all the digital content at moviegoers' fingertips, it can be difficult to get bodies into theaters. As Noel Murray at The Dissolve points out, one solution to our always-on culture could be to offer "more one-of-a-kind live performance elements to the theatrical experience." Bringing moviegoers to other venues, like drive-ins and outdoor screenings in the summer, are attractive options, but they're still pretty casual, and it's even easier to whip out your iThing midway through and start playing Candy Crush without anyone noticing.

The folks behind the "Star Trek" franchise are setting up some seriously classy events for fans in the hopes of luring them to venues where your little glowing white screen will get you more than a few glares. People in London, Houston, San Diego, Philly, Toronto, and even Lucerne, Switzerland, will get a chance to see "Star Trek" and "Star Trek Into Darkness" accompanied by live orchestras in big fancy concert halls. Naturally, "Star Trek: Live in Concert" will play in San Diego during Comic-Con, although whether or not this will lure fanboys and fangirls out into the sunshine is anyone's guess.

If you're really into seeing movies with live performances, you'll want to bookmark Movies In Concert, which tracks events all over the world. You can also check out for official dates.
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