amazing spider-man 2The Marvel Universe is growing even more interconnected than ever.

The latest link is between "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past." How can these totally unrelated properties be tied together?

Empire reports that a clip from "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will play after the credits of "Amazing Spider-Man 2." Marvel movies almost include a post-credits teaser, but this time, it won't set up a character for a different movie -- like how "Iron Man 2" flashed an image of Thor's hammer or "The Avengers" introduced Thanos, the villain in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Instead, there will be a full clip from "X-Men" featuring Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Havok (Lucas Tilt), and Toad (Evan Jonigkeit) battling William Stryker (Josh Helman) and his soldiers.

It's an unusual collaboration between two different studios, Sony and 20th Century Fox, but a win-win for both sides -- fans have even more incentive to buy tickets to "Amazing Spider-Man 2," and "X-Men" gets an extended promotional opportunity.

Variety explains that the deal came about because of a contractual issue with director Marc Webb. After "(500) Days of Summer," Webb was supposed to helm another movie for Fox. They allowed him to take on the "Spider-Man" sequel only after Sony agreed to promote "X-Men."

Alas, that's the extent of the connection between the two films -- Spider-Man will not be joining Professor X's band of mutants.

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