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Chloe Grace Moretz won our hearts way back in 2009 as the sassy little sister in "(500) Days of Summer," and she's been kicking out the jams ever since. Despite a few missteps like "Dark Shadows" and "Carrie," Moretz is still one of the coolest and smartest young actresses in Hollywood. Of course, the coolest thing to do right now is star in your own young adult action/sci-fi franchise, and that's just what Moretz is doing with "The 5th Wave."

Moretz will star as Cassie, one of the few people left on Earth after four waves of alien attacks, and there's a fifth coming soon. Can she find her brother before what's likely to be the last wave of attacks hits Earth? And what about this swoony dude she meets in her travels?

"The 5th Wave" is just the first in a planned trilogy of books by Rick Yancey. The first book was a best seller that its publisher Penguin threw a ton of money into marketing, which is a really big deal given the state of book publishing. As for the movie, this isn't going to be a "Beautiful Creatures"-size affair, either; Sony spent a whole lot of money on the movie rights for "The 5th Wave."

You might not have heard of director J Blakeson yet, but he's got chops. Blakeson wrote and directed "The Disappearance of Alice Creed," a tightly wound, violent thriller starring Gemma Arterton that is absolutely worth seeking out. Susannah Grant, who wrote "The Soloist," "Erin Brockovich," and "Ever After" is on adaptation duty.

Now the question is who could hold his own against Moretz. Place your bets now!

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