walk of shame red band trailer
A new red band trailer for "Walk of Shame" delves deeper into the crazy shenanigans that Megan (Elizabeth Banks) gets into while taking the titular stroll through Los Angeles, as she desperately tries to beat the clock and make it to a big job interview.

The clip opens with Megan's friends (Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright) trying to convince her to go out to get over the disappointment of losing out on a news anchor job.

"You're going to meet some young, stupid, hot guy, and you're going to take all your anger and all your aggression out on his penis," Jacobs explains.

Megan ends up doing just that when she hooks up with James Marsden, going back to his place for some adult fun and drunken debauchery. Long story short, Megan wakes up to discover her phone, purse, and car are all missing -- and thanks to Marsden's antiquated (but convenient) landline, she's got a message that she's still in the running for the anchor job and needs to get to the TV station ASAP.

While desperately trying to get across town, Megan is mistaken for a hooker, stumbles into a drug ring and subsequent shootout, and gets pepper-sprayed by a surly bus driver. Soon, she becomes the news herself, with reports that "a deranged woman in a yellow dress is rampaging through Los Angeles."

Based on this red band trailer, that last bit of narration seems to sum up the movie's plot pretty perfectly.

"Walk of Shame" hits theaters April 25.

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Walk of Shame
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