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The nefarious Frank Underwood might seem like a too-real-for-comfort portrayal of a corrupt politician, but one former "House of Cards" staffer is looking to shine a light on the real deal.

Mother Jones reports that Sharon "Rocky" Roggio, the assistant property master on season two of "House of Cards," is trying to put together a reality show that focuses on young, up-and-coming political players in Washington, D.C., and specifically those who work on Capitol Hill. The site obtained a copy of the casting call, dated April 14, that's seeking subjects for a "docu-style reality show highlighting the best and brightest on the hill."

"This is a unique opportunity to get your voice, name, agenda, passions, and policies heard by a massive audience," the noticed added.

The news was first reported by the Washington Examiner, which wrote that the series was in development and had already gone through at least one round of casting so far. Producers are seeking men and women ages 19 through 29.

Mother Jones notes that D.C.-set reality shows don't have a great track record, and current Senate or House of Representatives staffers probably won't be able to participate in Roggio's project, since their bosses won't want to reveal too much about their own lives. Plus, it's unlikely that anything as juicy as the plot lines on "House of Cards" would be uncovered.

Still, TV is TV. If you live in D.C. and want your shot at the limelight, check out Mother Jones for more information on the casting session.

[via Mother Jones, h/t Vanity Fair]
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