the captive trailer
Earlier today we found out that super hunky movie star Ryan Reynolds is headed to France with "The Captive," a kidnapping thriller directed by the always interesting and occasionally wonderful Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan ("The Sweet Hereafter," and that weird sex movie with Kevin Bacon). Well, following the announcement, we are gifted with a trailer for the movie, which looks tense, tragic and really snowy.

In the trailer, Reynolds plays a doting dad who leaves his little girl in the car while he goes to pick up a pie. When he comes back to the car, she is missing, leading to a frantic search and what appears to be a pretty elaborate conspiracy. Other cast members who appear in the trailer include Mireille Enos (as Reynolds's wife and the mother of the missing girl), Rosario Dawson as an investigator, Kevin Durand as (surprise!) a creepy weirdo, and Scott Speedman and Bruce Greenwood in unspecified but potentially sinister roles.

Even if this one doesn't capture the hearts and minds of Cannes, it looks like it could connect with mainstream audiences, and will certainly have some kind of wide release, which is good, because we can't wait to see it now.