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How now-adult children of the '90s feel about "Space Jam" -- the 1996 live action/animation hybrid starring all your favorite Looney Tunes characters and basketball stars including Michael Jordan -- probably depends on just how much they loved the movie as a kid. But even an impartial observer would most likely agree that the movie's premise (aliens kidnap the Looney Tunes, and Jordan and other NBA stars must help them win a basketball game to earn their freedom) is just plain ridiculous.

With that spirit in mind, a group of comedians and current NBA players gathered to stage a live reading of the "Space Jam" script last month, and the results, unsurprisingly, were wonderful. What was surprising, however, was just how seriously some of the cast members took their duties, with a handful performing almost pitch-perfect imitations of their characters' voices.

The cast included Seth Green, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Ben Schwartz, and Danielle Fishel, while Los Angeles Clippers players Blake Griffin and DeAngelo Jordan channeled their NBA forefathers Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, respectively. (DeAngelo Jordan's take on Barkley in particular was scarily accurate, and caused the rest of the actors to break down in giggles every time he spoke.)

While the entire reading isn't available (yet), this short highlight reel is definitely worth a watch. Fingers crossed we get to see the whole, glorious event some day.
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